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Pen and Sword Books are proud to present our major new imprint, White Owl.

With this imprint we aim to produce attractive, accessible and entertaining yet informative and authoritative books covering a variety of topics including lifestyle, wildlife, gardening, space and science.

White Owl will publish leading experts in their field who are well known either through their work or personal profiles. Look out for a guide to superfoods written by Julie Neville, the wife of former Manchester United, Everton and England footballer Phil Neville, a wildlife gardening title by The Guardian gardening columnist Kate Bradbury, and a stunning series of wildlife photography books from award winning photographer Villager Jim.

This is just the start, and we will be adding more big names and exciting titles in the coming months.

Latest Releases


Healthy Living


A healthy lifestyle is something we all aspire to, but what exactly is a healthy lifestyle, and how do we achieve it?

Our brand new titles will help you answer these questions. Whether you're planning a healthier way to live or you're trying to lose weight, or you need advice about superfoods, what they do or even how to grow them, then these books can help.

Healthy living isn't just about looking after your body however, so if you're struggling with negative thoughts or would like to reduce stress and remain calmer under pressure, there is something here for you too.

Together, these books can help guide you and provide you with practical tools to look after mind, body, heart and soul.

Britain’s wildlife is varied, can create the most beautiful scenery and is more important to our everyday lives and well-being than we often realise.

Our brand new titles can help you to not only understand more about the wildlife around you in your garden and surrounding countryside, but also to show you what you can see and how to find it.

From beautiful books full of incredible photographs of all kinds of wild animals to guides to the best walks in the country and advice about encouraging wildlife in your own garden, there will be something to interest anyone with a passion for wildlife and its preservation.

Space and Science


Space might be the final frontier but our exploration of it has only just begun, making it one of the most popular and most interesting subjects to read about.

Over the coming years we plan to have a whole range of titles starting with more comprehensive volumes like the Yearbook of Astronomy alongside image based titles with breathtaking photographs documenting the wonders of our universe.

So whether you are an amateur, a seasoned stargazer or a researcher, there will be something here for everyone.